Who We Are

doneNW is a venture by Urja communications, established to help businesses and entrepreneurs create their distinctive presence. In today's ever-evolving digital space, many brands and businesses find it difficult to understand and leverage the innovations of digitalization, and often fall short when it comes to putting out relevant engagements with consumers, causing them to miss out on opportunities for revenue generation.

Our team of passionate and committed professionals helps you in effectively managing and engaging your audience through the right channels to boost traffic, and facilitate customer acquisition by implementing the appropriate strategy, communication, and technology.
Collaborate with us to optimize your opportunities to excel.

Our Mission

To help businesses and entrepreneurs solve one of their most pressing problems: Being just another voice in the crowd.

Our Vision

To be the most comprehensive digital integrator for businesses and their audience.


“Digital Marketing is like digging a well. You need to dig at the right place to find water”

Nirav Gosalia


“SEO is more of a science than Art. Its fun to get ranked by choice than getting ranked by chance”

Harish Patel


“Converting a click to a conversion is like nurturing a seed to grow & bear fruit. Continuous optimization is the key”

Mayank Vora

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We are a team of ingenious experts working together to guide you to success.

Shilpa Nambiar


Ranjana Hamirwasia Maroli


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