Businesses today are playing a catch up with their customers. They are following the customer through their journey when to be effective, they should be waiting to greet them at every interaction point or better, walk with them throughout their journey.

And logically, with so much data at the marketer’s disposal, it must be easy to map out a customer’s journey, isn’t it?

But the convergence of computing and communications technologies has given customers better access to information and choice, whenever and wherever they want to make 'purchase' decisions. As a result, even though customers’ basic needs remain the same the path to purchase is no longer a linear progression from when the identification of the need through consideration, information gathering, trial/review and decision making to purchase.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to map a customer’s journey even before making the first contact with the customer. And there are so many ways to map out the journey of the customer, but most of them are either too straight-jacketed and rigid or too theoretical and not market-ready especially in the digital age. Having said that, even though all of them in isolation has have some loopholes, but many when smartly integrated, present a cohesive framework for mapping the customer’s journey.

doneNW’s customer journey construct is built with the foundation of human behaviour coupled with practical applications, that allows for an agile and go to the market framework of the customer journey.

What is so different about this journey mapping?

  • Based on theoretical research and practical applications
  • Agile framework
  • Adaptable with most automation platforms in the industry
  • Easy customization for every business
  • Future technology ready
  • Deployment & integration support

Now, doneNW’s customer journey construct has 4 pillars. Each pillar is equally important and imperative for the framework to function.

Audience Landscaping: From knowing the audience to audience segmentation and customer journey mapping based on behavioural analysis through social listening and primary research.

Audience Interactions – Multi-channel interactions – reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time on the right platform to acquire the most profitable customer and get Maximum ROI.

Lead Management – sanitization, segmentation and management of prospective leads, while purging the non-profitable leads.

Customer Nurturing – Engaging with customers on their customer journey to through various programs to resell, upsell, and build a community of loyal customers.

It is very important to not look at each of these pillars in isolation. In fact, each pillar is made up of several bricks placed in systematic and data-driven schema which is customizable to each business and it's objective

To know more about how doneNW’s customer journey construct can help with your business, just drop us a request by clicking here.