Ten tricks to building a concrete e-mail list through social media.

What if we told you that with ONE click of a button, you can connect with thousands, or even millions of consumers across the globe?

This button is an e-mail list i.e. a collection of e-mail addresses which help grow a client base. Thanks to them, instead of wasting your time chasing consumers, you can direct your time and energy only towards those who are genuinely interested. Moreover, e-mail lists are permanent, unlike social media accounts that can get de-activated for a number of reasons, resulting in the loss of followers you may not get back. While using a list requires no effort, building one does require a period of dedicated efforts towards identifying, engaging and encouraging consumers to continue investing in your product. Luckily for you, we are going to provide ten simple, yet widely effective tips to create an e-mail list within weeks instead of months.

1. Keep your accounts active.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but while you are working on developing or upgrading your products and services, one can easily forget to post on social media citing lack of content. It’s not surprising to note a fall in followers when you haven’t posted in a while, as followers wish to be regularly updated and engaged. Therefore, you must make sure that your social media accounts are actively posting content, whether it is new or old. Everytime you post, make it a point to include a link to where interested consumers can sign up. You can even ask for their e-mails in exchange for anything from early bird offers, early viewing of new products to free classes and premium content after signing up.

2. Join social media groups.

Community groups on various social media platforms have become a way to access and interact with several consumers sharing similar tastes and habits. Hence, it would be a good idea to join these groups through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, which may also be moderated by experts and top level professionals. However, before starting a crazy campaign to acquire e-mail addresses, take the time to form connections on these groups by interacting through polls, asking for links and suggestions from other members, speaking to experts and designing tutorials. Once that trust is built, you may use the groups as a space to ask for e-mail addresses in exchange for content.

3. Make signing up easy.

Imagine you are a consumer who is interested in subscribing to a particular brand. You go to a web page specified by the brand, only to be met with a series of complicated steps and other tabs, making you think it isn’t worthwhile to subscribe. It is imperative that if you want e-mail addresses, you make it as simple as possible for the consumer to give them. One common method is by directing consumers towards a landing page; a standalone page that in this case, is dedicated to providing an e-mail address and nothing more. Other methods could include adding ‘sign up’ buttons on Facebook, adding the landing page link to every article or post you upload. Some businesses even take the advantage of using the 404 error page as a place to add links.

4. Provide free, quality content.

As humans we need to be persuaded to buy things, and an old advertising method has always been to provide free samples of a product. Similarly, if you wish to obtain e-mail addresses, you must initially start by providing free, good quality content that introduces your consumers to your brand. Once you gauge an audience, you can give consumers the chance to access upgraded content, on the condition that they provide addresses first. If your free content is of high quality, consumers will be more than happy to pay a little extra to access other, more expensive content. Therefore, ensure that you do not compromise on the content you are offering for free.

5. Increase usage of videos.

Most humans are visual learners, and social media has ensured that a video uploaded one day amasses more than 1,000 views within a few days. Therefore, try to include more visual content through video tutorials, video sneak peeks of upcoming products and services, Instagram reels, and even Facebook ads targeted towards certain consumers. Conduct some research through online polls or individually to gauge what is viral, and use that while creating your videos. For instance, if you wish to host a webinar, you may release a small video on what is to be expected, and then direct consumers to provide their addresses if they wish to view the entire webinar.

6. Host giveaways.

Giveaways have become another commonly used method of gaining addresses. You can host a giveaway which states that for a person to participate, they should provide their e-mail addresses, and share this giveaway with a certain number of friends, or tag your business in their social media posts, to boost their chances. Those friends may provide their addresses and share with others, and as a result your e-mail list may grow exponentially. Make sure to promote these giveaways, which could be a free product, a discount or even premium content for less or free, through all your social media platforms. While giveaways should be hosted only once in a while, be persistent with their promotion to ensure more e-mails.

7. Interact with your consumer base.

Social media has become a convenient way to run businesses and communicate from behind a screen. However, consumers will always appreciate a business that takes the time to interact personally with their consumers. As a business person, this could include Instagram, Facebook lives or Twitter chats where you allow consumers to ask questions about your product or service, or where you decide to offer some tips or tricks over a specific topic. It could also include organising online polls and asking questions to your consumers about their tastes and preferences. Within these live videos and polls, one can easily include links for consumers to provide their addresses in exchange for more content.

8. Invest in advertising.

Sometimes, one has to shell out some money to obtain higher returns in the future. In this case, invest in advertising across social media which will target specific audiences that may have an interest in your product. These ads will appear in a consumer’s search feed depending on their activity, and if you are able to collaborate with an influencer in your field, it will further engage the consumer. Ensure that your advertisements include links to your landing page or website for collecting e-mail addresses, and be as creative as possible. Also, try to avoid excessive advertisements through the persistent appearance of them, as that may end up irritating and turning away the consumer from your product.

9. Maintain multiple social media accounts.

Every social media site is unique in its own way and attracts certain types of consumers. Hence, if you wish to capture all these unique consumers, you need to have accounts across multiple sites. Of course, each account needs to have updated, quality content to maintain consumer interaction. To ensure this, maintain a schedule for uploading posts on a regular basis which can be done through several applications. Also, since different consumers check their social media at different times, it would benefit to have variety across scheduling posts depending on the social media. This in addition to the other points mentioned above will automatically help you reach a wider audience.

10. Enlist the help of current subscribers.

What are current subscribers there for if not to help promote your business and support your vision? Since your subscribers would be receiving your newsletters, you may start including buttons below each e-mail that they may click to share certain information with their friends. These buttons may be linked to a page where the friends need to provide their addresses for viewing the content. If you are hosting a private chat with your subscribers only, you may incentivise them through providing special content on the condition that they bring in more e-mail addresses. If you are able to maintain a loyal base through your content, they may take up the initiative to promote your business themselves.

We hope that these tips will be useful in filling up your subscriber base exponentially! doneNW has helped several organisations increase their consumer base. If you wish to be one of them, you may contact doneNW by clicking here