Our Performance Marketing Program

To put it, we set tangible KPIs; and achieve it through our data-driven Performance Marketing Program. So, whether your marketing goal is awareness, acquisition, engagement and all three, we provide a result-driven Omni-channel customised plan.

The Functions of our Performance Marketing Program are rooted in the following 4 blocks

  • Audience Landscaping: From knowing them to audience segmentation and customer journey mapping based on behavioural analysis through social listening and primary research.
  • Platform Landscaping: Mapping the audience to their preferred platform/s; and each stage of the customer journey to the ideal platform for that stage.
  • Communication Landscaping: From choosing the right format based on platform and audience, to craft compelling and result-driven communications.

During the research, Psychological Testing allows the researcher to have Validity, Reliability, Objectivity and Standardization

  • Testing - Using various testing methodologies such as AB, ABC, Sampling and focus group testing.

Continuing the loop of analysis, execution, retesting, and arriving at optimal communications.

Achieving the target, learning from the analysis and drawing a roadmap for future campaigns.


Our case studies detail out the impactful work done to achieve our clients’ goals.

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